Mistrust is not an option

Mistrust is closing doors

Mistrust is not an option, because it does not create options, it only destroys them and narrows your decision space. On the other hand trust is key to the options behind closed doors. Trust creates options in the future which were unlikely or unattractive without trust, because it reduces complexity - says Luhmann.

This sentences hits the truth - it is worth to read it over and over.  

Connecting with trust

Of course it is obvious, that if we trust we are able to decide between more paths to go - and also we might be able to go the paths which were unlikely but very attractive. Here is one small example where I had to deal with trust today:

A paperboy of Iowa City. By Arthur Rothstein: US Farm Security Administration (http://www.loc.gov/pictures/item/fsa1997013024/PP) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

"Today I cleaned our van - we came from holidays and had a lot of stuff in it and laid it on the floor outside. When I turned to go inside to clean something, our stuff was still laid outside. On my way inside an unknown paperboy arrived. In a fraction of a second my favorite 'door' - go inside and clean it up - was closing and I was thinking about staying outside to take care of our goods. I stopped for a moment, then I decided to trust this guy and went in."

Such kind of examples happen over and over, day after day. I think we rarely reflect them, because they seem unimportant to us, on the contrary I believe they create the baseline of our behaviour. Why not try to learn from it through reflection and not only from it because experience is connecting the right wires in our brain. If we don't recognize and handle our behaviour, it will handle us. Action and ongoing affirmation also known as experience will give us the strength to connect with trust, it should be easier if we capture the essence of what we do while being aware of it.

Reduce complexity with trust

To get things done on the job, it is important to trust other people. If you do trust others then you do not have to interfere with their work. You do not have to think about how it has to be done, what checkpoints you have to set and that you've got to control all the stuff. Trusting means you've create the option to deal with your own stuff, to create the option to get things done by others. It breaks down complexity because you do not have to think about every detail upfront and let people and yourself learn on the way. And sure, trust is the most important part about starting work.


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