The french parade - a highway road work flow system

I was impressed. Driving home from our vacation in beautiful France back to Germany I've seen something totally new to me: I saw the french highway flow system, a fast moving end-to-end road work, rebuilding one driving lane from start to end in under 8 km. Incredible, awesome and totally efficient. 

A parade in denmark. Photographed in © 2004 by Tomasz Sienicki CC-BY-2.5, via Wikimedia Commons

In Germany I am accustomed to long lasting road work. Germans process road work in large batches, process the big batches layer for layer - a big waste of time and we as a users we wait extra long unit the blockade is gone. Terrible annoying.

The french road work system I've seen was so different! They did not produce much waste. They rushed through the driving lane like a parade in full motion. In front there were the guys who secured the road - to me they looked like the jugglers in front of the parade, shouting loudly: "Here we come!". Right behind them followed a small group of artists, preparing the road for the big orchestra. The big orchestra made an ground-breaking sound, so guttural that the highway next to them was shaken and torn in peaces. After the big machines came the first dancers, swinging the dirt away. Right after the dancers followed the local craftsman guild, demonstrating how easily a new road surface is created. Within the last few kilometres one group marked the new lane markers and painted them. Then the jugglers again singing: "Bye bye" and the road work was over... sitting in the car and thinking about the economic impact of using a workflow system on a highway instead of wasting time, money and good feeling with big batches.