Trust me and I do my very best

Some time ago at a customer site

... we had the discussion if developers should be allowed to install software on their own. Usually my opinion is that a developer should have no need to put operations under siege for just a few software installations so we recommended to let the developers install the software on their own choice and demand.

This is an engraving of Hercules performing one of his labors as he forces a bull to the ground. By B. Picart [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons - if you depend on me I will try to pull the bull to the ground.

You might say: "What the hell are you talking about, development with admin rights is precondition to productive software development" - no discussion I think you are right, but this is not what I want to talk about, so let the story move on...

We've been very close to give developers the resources they need, but unfortunately our suggestion was skipped by the boss. The reason was the following: "We should not let people deal with software installations, they might install something wrong and I don't want to make people responsible for their possible faults. So let's take care of it, that nobody does anything wrong." 

I was disappointed, and so were all developers I've talked to. With no trust they could not do anything right and moreover they could not install the tools they need for productive work. It was just keep the standard, do not improve. No trust, no choice...

A few days ago at my workplace

...we had a important meeting ahead of us and my boss said: "I count on you, concerning this topic I have no clue and you are my backup." To me this meant: "Hey guy I put my trust in you and I need your help - he made clear: I depend on your competence." - so I did my very best not to disappoint him and tried to deliver the best I can. I did this because he trusted me, because he laid his reputation in my hands, so I did my best to reward him. Thankfully all went well and right after the meeting he clapped me on my back and said: "Well done, good job!" - We both were proud about what we achieved and it felt great.